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Shipping & Cargo Agents

MK Maritime holds the responsibility as the agent appointed for the handling of shipments and cargo. Amidst perfecting that form of service, MK protects & provides towards the interests of our clients at main ports in Malaysia.


A shipping agent deals with all transactions of the ship in every port visited and MK Maritime would act as the local representative of the owner of the ship and would carry out all essential duties and regular routine tasks efficiently ensuring requirements of the ship personnel are met. Customs documentations, waste declarations, crew transfers, provision supplies, reports and updates on activities in relation to the ship are provided to the shipping companies at real time during transit. A further detailed list of services under this division would be on the sub-divisions below.

Cargo Agents

MK Maritime facilitates shipment of goods through airline, train, shipping and trucking terminals. Shipments would be picked up and delivered efficiently with ready paperwork and fees collection. Customs declaration and tariff forms are handled for agents who belong to overseas countries.


Cargo Agents usually specialize on the following:

  • Transportation & payment method options for clients
  • Routes & pick up locations to final destination
  • Conclude shipping methods
  • Preparation of bills of lading, invoices, and other shipping documents that are required by shipper.
  • Cargo amount, shipment time, weight & dimensions are recorded
  • Lost shipments would be traced
  • Status of shipment location would be notified to clients
  • Postal rates, shipment costs & other charges are negotiated & determined.
  • Transportation coordination

Crew Change

MK Maritime would fit all your crew change requirements as we understand the importance of your crew’s safe arrival and departure in a timely manner. We would organize all transportation means and select accommodation according to your budget. MK Maritime is currently affiliated with the immigrations board to ease your immigration formalities, ok to board letters, medical assistance and even currency exchange.


  • Pre Cargo Surveys
  • On/Off Hire Bunker Survey
  • General Condition Survey
  • Pre-Discharge Survey
  • Loading Survey
  • Bunkering Survey


A vessel in a port may require extensive services in comparison to the common ship agency services. Husbandry services involves high standards and professional skills at ports and terminals. Customs & immigration authorities are linked with MK Maritime to further smoothen the flow of work in terms of suppliers and requirements required such as the following.


We can provide approved & certified commercial divers and emergency response teams that include underwater welding & cutting, propeller polishing, underwater ships repair, underwater surveys, oil spill emergency response and hull cleaning.


MK Maritime understands the nature of vessels trading in different time zones and we provide services in the area sector of reduction in time spent on communication, reduction of cash transactions, minimizing time spent on administration and improving your cash flow. We provide the following supplies at the same time:

  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Liquid Requirements


  • Food (Frozen, Dry, Fresh & Asian Specialties)
  • Water Supplies
  • Daily Necessities

Cash to Master

MK Maritime provides cash to the Captain of the ship to cover crew wages for other expenses on board the ship.

Repairs & Parts

Repair of ship and troubleshooting of faulty section of the ship. Replacement of spare parts wherever deemed necessary.

Charts and Marine Publications

Charts are required by vessels travelling to certain countries. Requirement of nautical charts and related publications pursuant to the Act of the country are provided for the ease of journey.


MK Maritime employs ship brokers to locate ships required to deliver cargo to a certain place. Prices differ according to the route selection.

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